For students who do not have regular access to a home computer or need more structure in their daily scholastic routine, Pinnacle offers several campus locations in Arizona where students can log in to do their coursework. Many Pinnacle students enroll at one of the campus locations throughout Arizona. Pinnacle currently operates campuses in Tempe (two locations), Casa Grande, and Nogales, with more locations planned to be up and running soon. Each location offers students access to an academic program delivered through our MSTAR LSP web-based portal just like our virtual students. Campus-based students have the additional advantage of working one-on-one with experienced, onsite Instructional Intervention Specialists who can help students understand concepts and work with them to complete assignments. Pinnacle High School - Casa Grande has two major advantages over other public, private, and charter schools:

  • Technology skills prepare students for the future. Technology skills are important for learner success in school and in life in an increasingly competitive world. At Pinnacle High School - Casa Grande, students use desktop or laptop computers to access the curriculum and to communicate with teachers.
  • Self-paced learning system allows students to progress as quickly as they wish. Students who want to move quickly can complete multiple lessons in a single day, rather than waiting for other students to progress to the same level. Also, students who miss a day or two due to illness or other personal situations do not miss valuable lessons and can pick up where they left off and catch up quickly.

As per ARS § 15-506, Pinnacle Charter Schools sets aside at least one minute but not more than two minutes at the beginning of each school day for students to engage in a Moment of Silence and Pinnacle Charter Schools sets aside a specific time at the beginning of the school day for students who wish to recite the Pledge of Allegiance to the United States flag.