Why Pinnacle

Pinnacle High School - Casa Grande is a tuition-free, accredited, Arizona public charter school, serving students in grades 9-12. Enrollment is open to all students, with new classes starting every Monday throughout the school year. Our school provides opportunities for every student to find the right fit for their academic needs.


Failure may feel inevitable at times, but with drive and determination, any circumstance can be successful. Here are some inspirational stories from students who made the most of the opportunity knocked.


Before I started attending Pinnacle, I wanted to give up on everything, including school, but I didn’t! Thanks to Pinnacle.

I just had to find the right people and right school that could help me. Pinnacle lined up perfectly with what I wanted and needed and I was committed to giving it a try. After orientation I approached my classes with great energy because I knew this was an exciting opportunity. The staff was there for me through every step, no matter what dilemma I was facing. To me this school was flexible and had every class I needed to be successful.

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Grades 9 – 12
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A Little About Us

  • We trust in our students' ability to learn, and fully accept responsibility for their learning
  • We strive to work with our students to overcome learning challenges 

  • We recruit and develop a culturally diverse and competent workforce
  • We hold our employees to high standards 
  • We ensure our employees have a happy, healthy, supportive, and safe work environment
  • We ensure our staff have opportunities to collaborate and improve their craft

  • We believe people from diverse backgrounds are valuable to our organization
  • We value the experience that diverse cultures provide
  • We assert that all people have the right to respect and dignity
  • We gain from and appreciate the voices of diversity in our community

  • We act with integrity in all that we say and do
  • We behave with civility, knowing that our words and actions have power
  • We act with truthfulness
  • We take full responsibility for all our actions

Our Student Experience

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