Passing classes is just part of the process toward high school graduation. Full-time students are also required to participate in state mandated standardized testing. Pinnacle High School - Casa Grande offers skill development and preparation activities for all students. Don’t put your graduation at risk. Let our skilled staff help you with your test preparation needs.

In 2015, the Arizona legislature passed the American Civics Act (House Bill 2064). This bill requires students, beginning with the graduating class of 2017, to pass a civics test based on the United States Immigration and Naturalization civics questions. Students are required to score 60% or higher in order to graduate from high school or obtain a high school equivalency certificate. The current passing rate for students is 60/100 for students graduating from 2022 to 2025. There is new legislation that was signed into law in 2022 that requires students graduating in 2026 and after must have a passing score of 70/100. As a courtesy, the Arizona Department of Education, with help from the Maricopa County Education Service Agency and Arizona educators, has developed a mostly multiple-choice version of the required test. Please visit if any further information is needed.

For additional details on state testing, please see the Arizona Department of Education provided link: Arizona Assessments